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    Beyond Treatment: Your Bridge to Recovery as a Federal Employee

    When the line of duty intersects with injury, your focus should be on healing, not navigating complex claims systems. At FIC in Salt Lake City, our team of Department of Labor (DOL) doctors stands ready to be your bridge to full recovery. We’re more than just exceptional medical professionals – we’re champions for your well-being and advocates for your rights.

    Our core philosophy? You deserve comprehensive care tailored to your individual needs, not a quick fix dictated by external pressures. Our DOL-trained physicians prioritize a holistic approach, ensuring you receive the treatment, rehabilitation, and pain management necessary for a complete and lasting recovery. Forget cookie-cutter solutions and frustrating interactions with DOL doctor insurance companies or employers – we focus on what matters most: your journey back to health.

    Beyond top-tier medical expertise, we offer a seamless support system built around your needs. Your initial consultation is complimentary, and as a federal employee injured on duty, you won’t face any out-of-pocket costs. We handle the billing directly with the U.S. Department of Labor, so you can concentrate on healing while we navigate the Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs (OWCP) on your behalf.

    But our commitment extends beyond paperwork and protocols. We believe in clear communication, actively listening to your concerns and explaining every step of the process in a way that empowers your informed decisions. We understand the unique challenges and emotional impact of a work-related injury, and InnovA is here to be your unwavering support system.

    Choosing FIC Salt Lake City is choosing a partner in reclaiming your well-being. We’re confident in our ability to deliver optimal medical care, advocate for your rightful OWCP doctor benefits, and guide you through this journey with empathy and expertise. Contact us today and experience the difference. We’re not just here to treat your injury – we’re here to bridge the gap to your complete recovery.

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